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In the year of the iron monkey (1980), Nguyen Quoc Bao was born during an auspicious spring night on the shores of the gulf of Siam. Thereafter, Bao spent his first years in Nashville, Tennessee. A Grayhound heading west took Bao and his family to California.
Since birth, life became a nomadic journey for Bao.
He received his compulsory public education from San Jose down to Orange County. While at the University of California at Irvine, Nguyen Quoc Bao was selected the first place winner of the Brett Baldwin prize in poetry for his poems titled, "mỹ quên," "amnesiatic memory," and "welcome to spring break." UCI's Asian American and Pacific Islander chapter of the Alumni Association, Praxis awarded their scholarship sending Bao to intern for the White House in Washington, DC.
His BA from UCI is in Political Science.
After a short visit to Vietnam, Bao decided to pursue his interest in Buddha Dharma (Phật Pháp). While at Naropa University in Boulder, Colorado, Bao studied under contemporary scholars and traditional masters in the field of religious studies. His studies also included Chinese calligraphy, where in Shanghai his artwork exhibited under the seal Guo Bao. Naropa awarded Bao a Master's in Indo-Tibetan Buddhism. His MA paper filed at Allen Ginsberg Library is titled, "Vimalakirti's Inconceivability and the Implications of the Mahayana."

amnesiatic memory


the horrors of jumping
out of the burning
not too long ago
flames burnt clothes off
my sister

một – two


poetic immersion ngâm trong bụng mẹ mình có ai không đồng bào ta-tha-gá-ta call gọi tất cả mọi …

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