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0 bình luận ♦ 18.11.2006

translated by Lưu Diệu Vân
from Hạnh Phúc ( 12)

– Like love birds spreading their wings in the warm sunlight

– Like sparkling morning dews resting on deep emerald leaves …(*)


She possessed a pair of piercing eyes and lips that could heal any wound.

He was an easy-going, average man who frequently liked to stare at the tip of that perky nose on her face. He became aroused at the sight of her cherry nose tip whenever she wandered outside in the cold.

One day, he saw her weeping in bed. Her tears soaked wet an entire corner of the sheet. Aware of his perplexed, dilly-dally gestures, she scolded:

– Just go where you want to go, do what you want to do, leave me alone!

He took out the trash, carefully trimmed the ornamentally shaped plants on the veranda, while thinking to himself: perhaps their involvement with each other is more than enough, a break up is appropriate, one will soon be alleviated of all commitment. It was summer at the time; the tip of her nose was no longer pink, sometimes it even sweat spotty beads.

When he returned, the sheet was covered with blood. All he could recall was a quickly tied garrot knot and he was no longer conscious of his actions or thoughts on their way to the hospital. He fainted right at the moment people pushed her away. Both were admitted to the recovering room. By luck, he woke up shortly after.

He promptly proposed out of regrets. She looked up, gave him a shattered gaze and a cracked smile. She nodded and let free the flows of her tears. The bloody slit on her wrist had dried up.

Just like a fairy tale, a Chinese horoscope prophecy, together they had many lovely children and lived abidingly ever after.


Ten years later, by accident, he realized the cause of that bloody and teary incident. Due to love, but not his.

Paris 11.2006
(*) lyrics from ballad “Loneliness,” by composer Nguyen Anh 9.

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