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Thoughts of an Exit




the earth is a giant judge
who won’t bother to check our clothes

I still chase the flap of a single hand
repeated into a hearty announcement

the clock is a patient warden
who won’t bother to check our backgrounds

my body is also the window bars
in a small prison

I reread the Nanhua
but still cannot fly out of the big prison

the blue sky is also an executioner
who won’t bother to check our age

I know that I am unable to escape
to go forward or to go back

once I turn an egg over
once more I don’t want to be born

at one end I am all letters
I turn into ink drops at the other end

just prolong for a little
my drama

and it’s time I ain’t fucking fear

From the Vietnamese original “Suy nghĩ về một lối ra,” published on Da Màu, August 28, 2007





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