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Hoàng Chính

translated by Lưu Diệu Vân from the Vietnamese original “Khuyết Tật” by Hoàng Chính

French roast extra large
A pledge
To stay up all summer
Two-way ticket unreturned

A kiss as passionate as the sea
Awaits between the distances
20 minutes
Stand, sit, recline
Still a dispensable self
To the traffic light
Count backward to endlessness

20 minutes is not twenty minutes
Empty long distance train rides
Droughty station fears the wind
Yellow train pollutes happy seasons

Your corner café
Though not robustly flavored
Is still capable of causing my insomnia
20 minutes
Splits out of our summer two-way ticket
20 minutes
Strips from our strenuous love
20 minutes
Abandon me at the park
Where the grass grows in reverse direction
Fading walking trails fill with bloodshot eyes
Yo man! Want some man?

20 minutes
Toss me to the café’s corner
Deafen the cellular rings
(in your bag)
Hallooing a living

20 minutes
You rebalance
Advertising portfolios
Marketing plans
Financial accounts
Not ours
And French roast extra large
A bitter cup, taken incessantly
Can not cure illness

Promises are asleep between kisses
20 minutes
Let it be ephemeral
Tiptoeing around a pubescent love

20 minutes without you
Suddenly love becomes improbable
And 20 minutes is no longer 20 minutes

Turn toward this side
Lips untouched
Turn toward the other side
Blond girls are grinding against the local pages

20 minutes is not 20 minutes
When day fades
Soul crushed beneath a revolving wheelchair

Boston, August 27th, 2007

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