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Voices in Dream

0 bình luận ♦ 26.09.2008

Nguyễn Đức Nguyên translates from the Vietnamese original “Tiếng trong mơ” by vi lãng

In the dream that night I heard a howling
a moan, from body, as if the vortex
swallowed you whole, but perhaps
we should not write about
those sounds, because simply in memory
all is drained, strained
through many changes, mouths open wide, perhaps
they could no longer voice
the words

may be what remains is the scent
from the sky
whispering on a sunny afternoon, my thoughts
about days passed,
you weaved the lakeside house out of sand, inviting the fog
to sheath the town, but I suddenly remember
there is no reason, or should I walk along the sea
already knowing that these lines as they are written
to find a tiny normal calm
to cover the alarm, the loss, or
to nourish a flickering fire
from the wind

I dreamed to a standstill, a few words
coffee stalls along, threads on my palm
waited for the fog that never came,
listened to the car labouring up the hill
its engine clamouring, and the waterfall in front
hearing not your voice, the wind behind
no longer required
because whatever you wanted to say
had become needless

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