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Going towards Heaven’s Gate

♦ Chuyển ngữ: 0 bình luận ♦ 23.02.2012

from the Vietnamese original “Đi Về Phía Cổng Trời”




curved roads cling to the cliffs
the forest
to the slope like  a young girl’s curved breasts
we cling to each other
along a stretch that we’ve never been to

we can only go straight following a bird’s path
even calls take half of the first lunar month to meander
the northeast wind says
spring seems unwitting still

people stay silent next to each other
only the road slides forward
like a surging river
the roadside grass has burned to yellow
the cold contemplates a spring

we do not know how to mark the surface of the road
in order to rediscover each other
going past our mid-lives
we get lost so many times

spring still prowls about outside the ink painting of a foggy scenery
I don’t know when you will wake up
so we can talk about days of old
about the valleys and streams of our joy and sadness

in reality you do not sleep
you have been living another life
going upstream to recover
a hair band that you have once dropped
and bring it back to fix the parting on your hair

it wouldn’t be reasonable to bring nature back home as fake mountains
to coerce a forest of giant trees
as the one day you hid a person in your pocket
and took him out when you were bored to play with

as if power is in one’s hand
and rivers and streams originate from one’s hair
one day by accident
promises became mantras

dreaming of paradise
people name this place Heaven’s Gate
so deep in joy
you wrap the clouds in brocade brassières
and forget that I was left behind in the middle of the forest





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