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a summer closing ceremony

Nguyễn Đức Nguyên translates the original poem "lễ bế mạc một mùa hè"


our own afternoon

ready-made food prepared

an indulgence of laziness

the weekend

anticipating a feeling

liver pate’, hand-whipped mayonaise

rolls of lee sandwich

open the first bottle

not a bordeaux wine

nor barton guestier nor the familiar paradis casseuil


these days australian wines command gold prizes

I drink

penfolds bin 407

savouring the taste of others

(from the day a damau poet arrived mid summer

before the opening ceremony

we opened a bottle but still could not finish

the olympics)

the stupendous bird nest

thousands of flood lamps brightly lit

the second bottle now worth just 5 cents

(while I wander inside Bev & Mo

buying 20 bottles paying for 10

feeling a rocking sensation)

turn the tv on

sausage and vinegar-cured onions

mixed with fireworks

athletes swim, jump, run, the last time

a pop singer

some English lyrics, uncouth lines censored:

“Shake for me, girl, I wanna be your backdoor man.” *

definitely I am drunk

warmth pulsating the chest

bin 407

occupying the screen

an oriental woman & an occidental man

mouthing meaningless sounds

let’s munch grapes to dissipate

alcohol effects

the iron tower rises tall like a gaol

the torch goes puff

one truth

no-one passes the flame on next

medals will find way to their new homes

I stagger with a pain, half a headache

half asleep falling

upon half a world

half a lesson of freedom no longer fresh

the afternoon

and the closing ceremony

rest themselves on the table overnight

in greasy plastic plates

in the morning we will wrap them

into plastic bags

just in time

for the garbage collection


đng thơ thơ

* a line from Led Zeppelin’s “Whole Lotta Love,” deliberately not sung during the closing ceremony of Beijing Olympic 2008

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