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Evening Twilight

A rancher was standing in his yard in the evening twilight. He heard people talking and making noise at the front gate. He saw three women out there, and called the servant to open the gate for them. The servant opened the gate and reported to his boss that these three women were asking for an overnight stay:

“Let them in,” said the rancher.

The three women passed by the rancher. Two wore black blouses, one wore a white blouse. Each one had a small towel on their shoulder, the two with black blouses had white towels, the one with the white blouse had a black towel. The towels were the kind of towels that street merchants used for wiping their faces and covering their heads.

The rancher ordered the servant to give them a room at the servant’s corner for their overnight stay.

Next morning when the rancher made a tour of his ranch, there was a mother pig that just gave birth to seven piglets the night before. So excited with the piglets, the rancher forgot the overnight guests. He just remembered them in the late afternoon, and told the servant to bring lunch for them and not to forget to give them some extra food for their journey. The servant scratched both of his ears and his head, then said to the rancher:

“Last night I stayed late and took care of the mother pig and her children, so this morning I woke up late, and they were already gone.”

The master looked at the gate; both doors of the gate were closed and locked. How could they got out? He stood still and thought, and suddenly he rushed to the pig-barn. The servant rushed after him, hoping none of the piglets had gone with the three women.

All seven piglets were there, as they were sucking their mom’s breasts. The rancher took out and examined each one of them. Each piglet had a different color: One was all white, one has black spots on her back as big as tea cups, two other had a red brown color. But he picked out the three special ones. Two were pure black, and on their necks they had a white ring; the other was white, and on her neck she had a black ring. All the rings on their necks looked like the towels of street merchants.
The rancher told his servant:

“Give these three piglets special care.”

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