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Poems by Lê An Thế

translated by Lê Ðình Nhất-Lang
(from the Vietnamese originals “World Peace is Coming” and “Lau Chùi,” Damau 18)

World Peace is Coming

if my sperms all realize themselves
into humans
this earth will be swarmed over with
a name

a-hah, world peace

saigon will not need democracy
or bear its old name
from now it is called
the city of
Chi Minh


while wiping my tabletop quite clean
i see that it is only a piece of wood from a tree in some forest
i think of the ones who cut, who sawed, who built, who transported,
who sold, who bought…
continuous turns of duty

sometimes a simple idea
why does it have to be a long path of evolution
otherwise, i am an ape on this wood

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