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I perceived the sound of your breathing from the other side of the world

translated by Lưu Diệu Vân from Tôi đã nghe thấy từ bên kia thế giới tiếng em thở ( 14)
And I thought, I must do something for the remaining days, until the moment I get to see you. First, I positioned myself in front of the writing table, typed in the keyboard these words: “Are you anxious?” Then I clicked the mouse on the send button. But I reconsidered, everything had quieted down over that side of the world, if your yearning for me did exist, it was merely an illusion. What made me believe I can hear the sound of your breathing?
On the Messenger chat window of a man born in 1949, who had just collapsed on the computer keyboard appeared a sentence: “I am masturbating over your image.”


Secret Society
Translated by Luu Dieu Van from Hội Kín ( 12)
Driven by an absolute holy desire but not able to abandon his clan, he is determined to save mankind by forming a secret society of intelligent but weary individuals.
Intelligent and weary individuals are not in shortage.
First, he tells them: “Let’s do something different for the sake of excitement.” One individual remarks being able to meet each other is most exhilarating. Another says don’t do anything filthy.
One morning at the beach, he looks at all his friends – women and men, young girls and adolescent guys. They are swimming and playing with the ocean waves. He sees the gap between their sexuality and he thinks sexuality brings burden and intercourse will not obliterate that distance.
The nightly feast begins with wine and fresh seafood. He asserts:
“God has made a mistake.”
Toward the very end of the gathering, perhaps due to drunkenness or illuminated by a revelation, he insists again:
“We must correct these misconceptions.” And to protect the thoroughness and smoothness of the mission, he encourages them to keep it a secret. A few individual seems dazzled and the person next to them has to explain through whispers. At last, they all nod and smile with satisfaction.
Since then, the world is full of people with their faces entirely covered and no one really knows whether they are men or women. They meet regularly and often meet behind closed doors.
Police file reads: “No sign of conspiracy against the government. Still under close observation.” 
November 15, 2006

bài đã đăng của Nguyễn Viện

Phần Góp Ý/Bình Luận

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