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flash stories by Đặng Phú Phong


translated by Lưu Diệu Vân from Đánh Lộn (damau.org 12)
Yesterday’s evening, my physical body and I had some disagreements. It’s really nothing, because just like other times, they re-adjusted themselves accordingly, and everything would be fine again. But then again at night, they furiously got up, stared fixedly at each other and began to quarrel loudly. You are such a liar, a swindler. No, I always sacrifice myself.
You don’t dare look at the truth. My destiny is like this. Damn it, I am going to punch your face, see if you can still blame destiny. What a chicken! And they continued to fight until death.
translated by Lưu Diệu Vân from Trả Thù  (damau.org 15)
Everyone thinks he is gentle, honest, and reserved. His wife is pretty, and flirty. At first she only does it behind his back, afterward, realizing how easy it is to do so, she even brings her lover home when he’s at work. He finds out, tracks them down, and catches them red-handed having sex in bed. He doesn’t say a word to his wife, waits until both are fully dressed, and then he asks the man:
–         Do you have money on you?
–         Yes, I do
–         How much?
–         Twenty dollars
–         Sign here, give me the money and leave.
He laminates the twenty dollar bill with the man’s signature on it, places it standing straight inside the glass bureau, right in the middle of the living room. Whenever families and friends visit, he points at the bill and says that is the product of his wife’s hard labor.
Three months later, his wife commits suicide.

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