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Mekong—The Occluding River by Ngo The Vinh

Book Cover

Mekong—The Occluding River
Mékong, Giòng Sông Nghẽn Mạch
– bản tiếng Anh

The Tale of a River
By Ngo The Vinh

Published: July, 2010
Format: Perfect Bound Softcover(B/W)

ISBN: 9781450239363
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Part travelogue, part history, and part environmental treatise, “Mekong – The Occluding River” is above all else an urgent warning that factors such as pollution, ecological devastation, and the depletion of natural resources are threatening the very existence of the Mekong River. Author Ngo The Vinh combines his vivid travel notes and collection of photographs with a meticulously researched history of the environmental degradation of the Mekong River. Translated from Vietnamese, the best-selling treatise outlines the myriad threats facing the river today. From oil shipments feeding the industrial cities of southwestern China to gigantichydroelectric dams known as the Mekong Cascades in Yunnan province, China is the worst environmental offender, though the other nations along Mekong’s banks behave no better. From Thailand to Laos to Vietnam, hydroelectric dams that threaten the Mekong and its inhabitants are being built at an alarming rate. To save the Mekong, Ngo The Vinh calls upon all the nations that benefit from its life-giving water to observe the “Spirit of the Mekong” in the implementation of all future development projects. To achieve this end, there must be a concerted and sustained commitment to cooperation and sustainability. At this critical cross-roads, we should remind ourselves of the mantra from Sea World San Diego: “Extinction is forever. Endangered means we still have time.”

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