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I Recall So ♦ Contraceptives ♦ Postcoital

from Thơ Lê An Thế (2008) 




I Recall So


Through the slits between my fingers. I see you
leaving behind. Colors from the moon slipping through like
threads. Tangled and dissolved. I have sown them onto my
left chest. As for the other half I still wait for a

The part on the right has slipped from me. Like a noon cock-crow
turning ancient. I break down in stages. Expanding with
echoing sounds. I cocoon yet won’t turn into a
butterfly. And the sun will be leaning. Towards afternoon.
I recall so in my poem.






at last all those nightly glasses of wine have turned into
   contraceptive pills
because I don’t want to leave any traces
of my illicit relationships
with the stars on the sky






everything was so perfect
when he closed the door and left
right afterwards I felt no need to get into my clothes
when my shadow
had lain down quietly
like a still-life





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