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We Wiggle ♦ Still-Life Dinner




We Wiggle


in just a moment, the sun will go down and we won’t need to mind
the outside world
we won’t need to mind disasters, wars,
human misfortune and happiness
we won’t need to mind time, be it a straight line
a circle or a surface
we won’t need to mind the monthly
we are hungry
we turn on the light
ignite the heater
we cook
we wiggle
we wiggle
we only thank
the electronic light
the forest’s wood
and an evening meal




Still-Life Dinner


Sometimes my dinner is a still-life painting
so that my stomach lessens its action
and its inaction
so that my limbs extends into
the dinner being just a 100-year-old fading
is enough to send me flying like the revolution flag.

Sometimes my dinner consists of only vegetables and sauce
like meals in the village pagoda told by my grandmother
I come back to visit the unknown pagoda
I don’t see the embankment, the forest, the rice fields, the rivers
I see only high-rises, shops, restaurants, noises, people and vehicles
crowding around
in my country a century has gone by with the speed of light

Sometimes during dinner I turn off the light to sit like darkness
remembering my grandmother
a century having flown by.






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